Lion Dances: Happy Mid-Autumn Day!

Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival in China after Chinese New Year. The festival means family reunion and peace. To helps kids learn about and celebrate the Mid-Autumn day, we had Mooncake lessons and a celebration ceremony for both kids and parents. During the snack time, each kid was offered a mooncake. While kids were enjoying the mooncakes, teachers taught kids that the Mid Autumn day symbolizes the reunion of the family and Chinese children usually carry lanterns and strolling in parks or gardens after dinner.


After learning about the history of the Mid-Autumn Fest, kids’ interests in mooncakes were fully inspired. To help kids deeply understanding the fest, our teacher prepared plain flour, water, and other related raw materials to teach kids about how to make real mooncakes. Kids enjoyed the making process and showed their “artwork” to their parents.


Since the Mid-Autumn Festival means a family reunion, parents are absolutely the important members to be involved in the celebrations. We invited parents to join our Lion Dance Parties with delicious food and drinks. All of the people were amazed at Lion Dance Performance. All of us had a wonderful day and we truly appreciate that we could spend such a meaningful day with our Little Panda’s friends. Happy Mid-Autumn Day!