Example Infant Update

FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014 – Insect

Cognitive brain training exercises are exercises that train the way an infant’s brain learns. Cognition is  an infant’s brain’s ability to learn and think.Cognitive skills are the parts and pieces of that learning process.When a brain is learning,it uses these cognitive skills to assimilate,organize and process information so that it can be used.Cognitive brain training exercises develop cognitive skills. This week we provided some activities  for infants cognitive development.
Light Table: We put some insect specimens on light table. The babies showed curious. They could watched and touched.  This worked on visual processing.




L.J joined this activity with her sister Nora.
Stacking blocks: We provided some soft blocks to the babies. The older babies could stack blocks. Stacking blocks is one of the activities in cognitive development area.





Mimics:The older babies can mimic the actions of others. They can mimic us to clap hands,shake head,beat at the drum,etc. These activities also develop infants cognitive skills.


The little boy was beating at the drum with both hands.


Asher was beating at the drum with drumsticks.