Example Preschool Update

FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014 – Harvest

We hope that every child in our preschool is healthy and happy.  Speaking of health, we were starting a new curriculum unit on fruits in the autumn harvest season.  Through the experience planned for this unit, the children have learned the names, shapes, colors, and sizes of many fruits in Chinese. Fruits create so many wonderful ways to explore science in the preschool classroom that are meaningful, interesting, engaging, and real.  Also, we were begin to prepare some pumpkins and spiders for Halloween Event.
Show and Tell:   Children bring their favorite fruit to school and sharing with the class starting this week.  They have taken turns to “show and tell” their favorite fruits in the group time.  Such as what the fruit tastes, what size for the fruit is, what shape of the fruit is, and what color of the fruit is.  After their tasting, children drew down the fruit what is they tasted before.
 One child’s favorite fruit is pomegranate.  So the kids pass it one by one to observe how it looks like.
Throughout this tour, the teacher asked open-ended questions such as what do you notice? Can you eat pomegranate skin? What is inside if I cut it a half?  Then, the teacher cut it and let children see how looks like inside.
Aili is showing blueberry and comparing which one is big, which one is small in Chinese.
Yummy, yummy!
We love strawberry, it is sweet. Yummy!
Look at my strawberry, would you like to eat my strawberry?
Language Art:  After “Show and Tell” time, we created a work sheet for children to draw what did they taste?
 Can you find out what fruit Leona just tasted?  –Strawberry!
Mika is drawing her own pomegranate.  We can see Mika knows how looks like inside pomegranate.
Creative Apple Tree: The kids painted some recycle foam bits as apples, and glued or stringed them on a branch.
Look at our apple tree, is beautiful?
String Apple:  We provided some apple shapes to the kids, and let them string with yarns following holes.  This activity develops children fine motor skill as well.
All the children is so serious working on their own apple shapes.
Good job, Francis! He can finish task on his own, also he is able to stay on his focus as long as he can.
What is wonderful job in preschool class.
Creating leave Decoration:  I twisted recycle brown paper into rolls and let kids paint brown color as branch.
leave decoration for classroom!
We encourage kids to create pictures for this season. So that we could post it on the wall for children appreciation.
Leona’s art work.

Prepare for the Halloween:  Let’s decorate for our halloween event!