Example Toddler Update

FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014 – Harvest 

Exploring in the market
In order to immerse this harvest season, we went to market to explore different variety of fruits and vegetables.  The children will treasure the experience for a lifetime.
Everyone picked apple as their favorite.


Let’s compare which one is bigger?



Look! teacher,  What is it?



Studying pumpkins in the classroom
 Bring several varieties of pumpkins to the classroom for more investigative learning.  The kids could compare those pumpkins by different shapes and size.
Studying Favorite  Fruits in the classroom

The kids bring their favorite fruits to classroom and “Tell and Show” their favorite with class.  The teachers encouraged them to introduce their favorite fruits, such as the name of fruit, what color is it, how taste is, etc.




After “Tell and Show” time, the kids shared their favorite fruits with class and tasted together. I think they like this step more…haaa
Music Time: 





— Apple Tree
Let’s draw a apple tree first and paste some muffin pom as apples on the tree.



Apple Tree by toddlers
—-Apple Stamping
Cut each real apple a half, and let kids see what is inside apple.  Then watch the kids have fun spreading red or green color on the paper, or stamping apple shape on the paper.  The kids were enjoying this mess painting.