Our Curriculum

cur 1Our curriculum development is based on children’s interests. Different curriculum is designed for each age group. Children’s ideas are fully respected and reflected in our curriculum design. Their growth and development in the areas of emotional, cognitive, social, and physical are fully considered and implemented in our curriculum.  Our program offers children a variety of stimulating experiences, including: art, gym, music and Chinese Kung Fu class.

We focus on integrating simplified Mandarin Chinese into everyday curriculum and activities. Our teachers help children understand and master the language according to children’s ages and their Chinese proficiency levels. For beginners, teachers use context, drawings, body language, gestures, and facial expressions to help students understand daily Chinese vocabulary. We move on to phrase and sentence level when they are ready. For children who have already had some exposure in Chinese, we encourage them to speak Chinese in complete sentences. We further create opportunities for them to be read and write simple Chinese characters.

Kong-FuReading Chinese stories, singing Chinese songs, and learning Chinese dance are some of the activities we use in our daily teaching. Moreover, preschoolers work on their Reading Journal and “Show and Tell,”, they present their thoughts and ideas to the class in group circle time. In order to create strong connection and communication with our children’s family, we hold a variety of events. We invite family members to participate in our storytelling shows, Chinese festival celebrations, and many other interactive games, hoping that the participation of parents/caretakers can help children appreciate and love Chinese culture and Chinese language.