As working parents, we’re always worried about not being there for certain milestones, but it eases our burden to know that our daughter’s in such a nurturing, loving place while we’re apart.

All of the teachers at Little Panda, not just her own, make an effort to tell us how our daughter “sounds like she’s from Beijing” and loves to sing in Chinese.

Julian ( Preschool)

We were initially interested in Little Panda for the Mandarin language immersion experience, but what grabbed us was the friendly and caring staff.  Our daughter loves her teachers and so do we!

Emily (Toddler)

Little Panda is a very warm and happy community.  My daughter is so happy to see her teachers and friends when I drop her off in the morning  – it really makes the day start off on a good note.

Emily ( Infant)

My daughter started attending Little Panda at 1.5 years old. As the only Mandarin speaker at home, I struggle with keeping our home language Mandarin only. It is by partnering with Little Panda that I was able to raise my child bilingually. As she gets ready to move on to kindergarten, not only is she fully fluent in English and Chinese, she’s also begun to write in both languages! Also, the self-help skills she’s developed here truly helps her become an independent learner. She wouldn’t have been able to do so without the caring teachers of Little Panda!

Yen Liu (Preschool)